Yoga- Thursday

Hey Coasties!
I’ve been on my yoga pilgrimage and “working in” more than I have been working out! Now, I’m please to announce that I will be returning to the dance floor at Coastal CrossFit, not just to tell you to keep your chest up and push your knees out, but also to guide you through some much anticipated yoga practice!
Thursday at 6:45pm, we will be doing a hour our session concentrating on areas we have worked this week in CrossFit and offering you some time well and truly leave your egos at the door!

This is your time to connect with your breath and your mind, free from judgement and distraction.
Until the end of 2019, price is $12 per class (cash only).
If you can beg, borrow, steal (or buy from k mart for $5), a yoga mat, it would make the session more comfortable and therefore more valuable!
Hope to see some of you there!

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