“HURSTY” WOD- Saturday 13th July.

15 Rounds for time of:
Run 100m
7 Front squats 60/40kg
Run 100m
7 Burpee Pull-ups (30cm above max standing reach)

The 15th of July 2019 will mark the 12th anniversary of the passing of Brendan Hurst (Hursty). For those that don’t know, Brendan was the partner of Coastal CrossFitter and good friend Tanya Cashin, and father to their son Max.
It is our honour to be conducting a Memorial WOD for Brendan “HURSTY” and would love to see maximum attendance. At Tanya and Max’s request we will be running “Hursty” tomorrow, Saturday 13th July.

This year “HURSTY” will fall on a Monday, however at the request of Max and Tanya we will be running “HURSTY” WOD on Saturday 13th July- as a community event.  We feel that this is a great time to get our awesome community together to help Max and Tanya in honoring Brendan’s memory.

Due to the long duration of this workout we will be extending the morning sessions to accommodate those participating. First heat to kick off at 7am, additional heats to flow through.  Please allow time to complete the workout, stay for a BBQ and to count and cheers one another along.

BBQ breakfast- Tanya and Max are kindly supplying a bbq breakfast.  Be sure to RSVP on Facebook to allow for catering.

Scaling recommendations:
As per all workouts correct scaling is important, please discuss with Marie or Chris if you are unsure.

Front Squats: Choose a weight that allows for mostly unbroken sets throughout.
Burpee Pull-ups: Adjust height of bar/reduce pull to allow for continuous repetitions. Reduce pull-up numbers then revert to Burpee Jump & Touch (Eg. 3 Burpee pull-ups + 4 Jump and touch).

“Hursty Perpetual Plaque”- For those wanting to be in contention for having their names on the “Hursty Plaque”  you must have a counter and complete Hursty on Saturday 13th July.

NO DROP INS: Unfortunately, to allow us to cater for participants and also the nature of “HURSTY”: this event is restricted to current Coastal CrossFit members and outside individual close to Tanya and Max (I.e. No drop Ins). Please request confirmation prior to turning up.

We look forward to seeing you all for a wonderful morning.

Brendan “HURSTY” Story:
Brendan’s Story Brendan “Hursty” Hurst was killed on the 15/07/07 while serving in Iraq as a civilian contractor training local police officers as a result of injuries sustained during an ambush on the outskirts of Bagdad. Brendan had previously served as a Police Officer in the Queensland Police Force for over 15 years and was highly regarded and respected by his colleagues. Brendan was partner to Tanya and Father to Max. Sadly, Max was only a few weeks old when Brendan passed away. He is survived and will always be in the hearts of his partner, Tanya Cashin and son Max Hurst. It is our honour to conduct an annual Memorial WOD for Brendan on the anniversary of his death (15/07/19) and would love to see maximum community attendance on this day. Together with Tanya, we have created a workout that is inspired by Brendan’s training style and regardless of your physical prowess, this is a chance to celebrate the life of someone who passed too soon with your best effort. “Hursty” 15 Rounds for time of: Sprint 100m 7 Front squats 60/40kg Sprint 100m 7 Burpee Pull-ups (jump to a pull-up bar that is 30cm above standing reach) For any affiliates out there with members (especially first responder/military) who would like to be part of this workout – we welcome you to be involved.


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