Hit your goals!!

Happy New Year everyone!!

The start of 2019 is upon us. This is the perfect time to reflect on our training and to establish health & fitness goals going forward.  Please take the time to reflect and establish your health and fitness goals for 2019 and fill in the GOAL Form .

The aim of this is to:

1. Create personal and external accountability to assist you in achieving your goals.
2. Allow us to identify common goals and provide some additional programs to assist you.

Start with the foundations prior to getting fancy. Remember we are here to assist you – just ask us!!
You are surrounded by a supportive community wanting you to achieve your goals. Let’s work together in 2019 and SMASH some GOALS!!!

Look at the basics: All are important so don’t discount any of the following:

Are you training with:
1. frequency and consistency (minimum of 3 times per week)
2. Intent (not just turning up- give it what you have)

Stick to the basics and continually aim to be better.
1. Implement sustainable changes
– drink more water.
– balance macro nutrients (protein, carbs & fat).
– improve quality of foods.
“Eat meat, vegetables, nuts & seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar”.

Can you perform the following movements with quality technique:
– Squat
– Push-up
– Pull-ups
Master the basics then aim to improve.
Mastering the basics will allow you to develop the technique, strength and skill required for the fancy stuff. If you only focus on the “fancy stuff” you will hit a plateau and limit your progression.

Have a plan in place as to how you are going to achieve your goals. Work with intent and assess your progression as you go. CELEBRATE your small wins as this is what amounts to the BIG WINS!!!

Ask for help:
If you actively working towards your goals but not progressing DON’T QUIT!!! Ask for guidance, it may be a small hurdle holding you back.



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