Welcome New Coach-Tom

We are super excited to add Tom Henry to our coaching crew at Coastal CrossFit.

Welcome to our CrossFit family Tom.

Tom Henry photoA little about Tom:

Tom is a CrossFit Certified Trainer (CF-3) and also a member of the CrossFit L1 Seminar Staff, where for the past 4 years he has traveled around the world introducing fitness enthusiasts to CrossFit and instructing potential CrossFit trainers on the L1 CrossFit Trainer course. He has also been a part of the CrossFit Kids Seminar staff since January 2018. He has been Personal Training and coaching CrossFit since 2010. Tom also has a BSc Honours in Psychology and Sports Science.
Tom started his CrossFit journey shortly after leaving the Royal Marines, where he served for 4 years and completed a tour of duty in Afghanistan in 2007. Within CrossFit, Tom enjoys CrossFit’s ability to provide a broad level of fitness to use in the real world, digs anything skill oriented and likes getting down & dirty with medium heavy, long workouts i.e. Hero WODs.

Tom is originally from the UK but has spent the last year travelling through Asia and Australia and has found sanctuary on the Sunshine Coast where he is stoked to be working with everyone at Coastal CrossFit!


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