FIFO- Benefits of Training

We understand the demands placed on FIFO and/or roster workers. The additional pressures of long hours, being away from loved ones, and working under stressful conditions can all take a toll on an individuals physical and mental well being. Away from home it can be difficult to make positive choices after a long day, when many of your work mates are heading for a few drinks. We believe that regular (frequent/consistent) exercise is a huge part of maintaining good Physical and Mental health. It provides a positive focus whilst working away and creates a sense of consistency in life while away and at home.

The benefits are endless but include:
– Good Physical and Mental Health.
– Social (Grab a friend to train with and keep each other accountable).
– Positive focus and accountability.
– Train at your convenience.
– Consistency (doing something repeatedly regardless of location)
– No equipment is required
– Low cost

We offer various packages which can be tailored to meet the needs of the individual, this can include one or more of the following:
– Personalized programs and accountability whilst away (tailored around your available equipment or simply body weight movements if no equipment is available).
– Training at our facility when they are home- under supervised/coached group sessions.
– One on one coaching when at home.

Options start at just $45 per fortnight (3 workouts per week x 2 weeks program).

If you work fly in, fly out or have an unusual roster, please call us – we are happy to work out a training and payment schedule that fits your circumstances.



I’m working away on a FIFO roster and I had asked Marie for a program for while I’m away. Marie has tailored the program to suit my every needs as the gym I have doesn’t have all the equipment and she works the programming around what is available to me.  I’m also currently nursing a couple of injuries and I’m getting the best I can out of the program with what I am able to do! Marie is an excellent motivator and always following up on my results and keeping in contact with me to keep me on track! I’m very thankful that Coastal CrossFit offer the programming as being away is hard to train without one as I really wouldn’t have a clue what to train and when! So thank-you Marie for the amazing program!! – Lindsey Crane

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