Nutritional Presentation Wednesday 11th Jan @ 6pm

Everyone has indulged over the festive period so we thought now is the opportune time to get back into control. Most people are back to training but is your nutrition on track?

We will be hosting a Nutritional presentation on Wednesday the 11th Jan at 6pm (This will take the place of the WOD). Regardless of your nutritional goals this presentation will help you towards achieving results. This is a free presentation and we encourage you all to come along. RSVP at the box.

Experience has shown us that most people commit throughout a challenge and possibly a short time after, however 6-12 months down the track all appears to have been forgotten. This Challenge is aimed towards healthy sustainable, life long change.

Your Challenge:
We will kick off a 4 week nutritional challenge with an initial focus on the balancing of Macro nutrients (Protein, Carbohydrates & Fat) and portion sizing (The Zone Diet).
During this presentation you will assess your current nutrition, learn how to obtain correct balance in your meals (using zone blocks) and the correct portion size for your body size and activity level. Rules for the challenge will be established. This will follow with a Q&A session.

Be sure to link to our Zone Challenge Facebook page to communicate, share recipes, experiences, ask questions, etc.

We want you to succeed and are constantly reviewing our services and practices in order to help you achieve. We understand that many of you are looking for further accountability in regards to nutrition.
For an additional fee of $40 we can provide a more personalized service. Ask us about this if you want to know more.

We hope to see you all there and look forward to the long term results.

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