WODStock Recap

By Renee Kunde

On the weekend six Coastal CrossFit athletes competed in the second round of the WodStock series. The day was very successful, PBs were hit, expectations were exceeded and fun was had by all.

I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who came along and supported us and to those who supported us via Facebook (thanks Pauline, Kaz and Nikki for keeping the photos up-to-date).

The event was well run and it was great to get out and meet other CrossFitters. Luka and Renee hit PBs in the 3RM hang clean with a 115kg 3RM and 75kg respectively while Madi and Meg blew our minds with their determination and strength in both the Snatch and Ladders and Chipper WODs. Madi came 8th in the Snatch and Ladders and Meg came 19th. Both girls were amazing on the day, proving their huge effort and persistence at training has all been worth it. Mitch also demonstrated what hard work and constant fronting up to training can do. Dylan has a fire in his belly and he will be one to watch out for in the future.

The final placing on the day were Renee 7th, Madi 16th and Meg 25th (out of 40 women) and Mitch 10th, Dylan 34th and Luka 40th (out of 67 men). Well done guys!

We are all looking forward to Broadbeach WodStock on the 18th of October. If you want to come down to compete or support or “observe” (Nikki cough cough) we are trying to get a crew together and rent some apartments for the Friday and Saturday nights. Last year we only went down for the Friday night and decided it wasn’t enough- there’s too much fun to be had. Murph is looking to put a team together so if you are keen to test your sweet skills then let him know. If you are a little bit hesitant in competing as an individual, WodStock offers three categories that allow for scaling and competing against people in your category. It is a great event and a fun way to get to meet other CrossFitters. Check out http://www.wodstockdonates.com/?cat=3 to register.

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